Wax Motif / Yolanda b Cool REMIX [We Computers by Etienne De Crecy]

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Roisin Murphy Dear Miami

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Do yourself a favor and just play this song for your audience…

Sasha Yacht Party Experience

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If you’re a veteran Winter Music Conference attendee, then you’ve most likely experienced business as usual: conferences during the days, non-stop party’s with world renowned DJ’s at every venue available, big and small, including the one at your hotel where you fall asleep to music and wake to music with hoards of other EDM fans that descend onto Miami Beach.

This is Winter Music Conference, the week before Ultra Music Festival kicks off for the thousands of beautiful dance music fans who venture here and pay big bucks to experience the ultimate dance music experience. The production consumes Miami, the perfect city to host an event of this kind. The flashing lights, neon skylines, and international culture create the perfect environment to the electronic dance industry. All these things about Miami make it the perfect backdrop to host an event of this magnitude.

Having done WMC before, this year I chose to attend Sasha’s Sunset Yacht Party. It’s pricey, tickets are limited, and RSVP’s are required, if you know someone who can get you invited. If you’re one of the lucky few to enjoy this epic experience, it is one of the few experiences that take the EDM scene to a whole new level leaving you with possibly a once in a lifetime experience. It has been by far the best WMC EDM party experience I’ve ever had.

Just imagine cruising the Miami beach shore from 3-9 PM with Legendary DJ Sasha who takes you on journey with his six hour set that seems perfectly timed with the movement of the sun and the colors of the changing sky and neon cityscape. Amazing music, amazing vibes, Amazing views from a yacht with party people from all over the country and the world share this unique moment In time with you. Everything is a mind blowing sensory overload that is both magical, surreal, and simply beautiful.

Your trip starts at 3 PM and feels like a hyped up pool party, and as the Sun goes down, the musical journey follows suit with a visual experience like no other. Dance Lights flash to an orange-purple sky while the sun sets with neon lights that electrify the skyline that culminates into a mind-blowing experience you will cherish forever. When your yacht party ends you dock in Miami beach, hit the clubs, and can even do the Sasha sunrise yacht party for those hardcore enough to keep the party going. I left with beautiful new memories that are forever ingrained into my mind and a greater appreciation for the craziness that is Miami at this time of year.

Furthermore the visuals and talented musical stylings of DJ Sasha entranced my mind and enhanced my perspective, leaving me with a fresh description of how dance music not only transcends reality but opens our hearts and minds. By the end of the night, I summarized my yacht party into a simple statement that only few will probably ever understand and/or relate to: “Time is liquid.” If that doesn’t tempt you to add this to your collection of life experiences, then you are definitely missing out.

How can you not like Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks

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Pheromones – Gold Night (boogiepop phantomz remix)

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Love it….

Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix) – simply super sounds…

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Totally feeling R3VOLT MOD3’s remix of Eternity by Giorgio Moroder

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Although ending is a bit abrupt, still a great track.


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